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OPINION - What Cause Earthquakes?
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What Cause Earthquakes?
Onto a New Theory of Earthquake Prediction Through Triggering Stimulation Devoid of Direct Causation!

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After one year of observation, it is this author's humble opinion that earthquakes are not caused by tectonic plate stress, pressure, overlap, movement or activity as globally and profoundly articulated and professed by space age scientists of the common era, but rather by massive explosions occurring deep within the belly and internal structure of the earth at such awesome power, speed and magnitudes that they create the force necessary to move tectonic plates making it appear as if tectonic plate movements and overlap cause earthquakes!

If tectonic plates are truly at rest or even mildly stationary, how
else could they move unless they are sitting on roller blades made up of ever erupting and evolving magma and lava flows, the very stuff that fuels and feeds volcanoes - liquid dynamite!

How else can you explain up to 4000-5000 aftershocks after a major earthquake, some lasting many years into the future?

Tectonic plate activity can't do that!

If tectonic plate activity was the true cause or source of earthquake activity, you would get one big bang in an earthquake explosion and that would be it, nothing more would happen after tectonic plates shift due to build up stress as unflinchingly claimed by modern scientists of the common era.

This website proposes that earthquakes and volcanoes are essentially one and the same thing, internal explosions of liquid magma and lava expressing themselves in opened (volcano form) and closed (earthquake form) of liquid combustibl
e internal material.

This explains why increased earthquake activity is always accompanied by increased volcano activity and vice versa. These massive internal explosions occur in lakes, ponds, rivers and streams of oceans of magma and lava flows moving at very fast speed, like blood in a main artery, finding release and expression at atmospheric induced voids or air bubble
s or at colliding intersections and cross roads located near tectonic plate intersections in many but not all cases.

In this regard, earthquakes are caused by internal combustive explosions of some sort that are gathered, housed, honed, triggered and ignited by perturbation from planetary movements and alignments, eclipses, earth-surface phenomena expressed through rapid change in extreme weather patterns and temperatures going from extreme hot to extreme cold or extreme cold to extreme hot over a specific geological
region or area, weather disturbance events such as tornadoes and hurricanes, as well as ocean and sea movement vis-à-vis
Sun-Moon events and relationships, Sun spots and cosmic events as well as direct planetary influences, especially with respect to Mars (initiator of earthquakes), Neptune (ruler of earthquakes), Jupiter (expansive, destructive and sometimes benevolent earthquakes), Saturn (dangerous and restricting earthquakes) and Mercury (wisdom of earthquakes).

Uranus plays a role in triggering earthquakes, but do not cause them

Hence, earthquakes are predictable within a certain level of confidence or assurance, meaning that we can spot or detect when and where major earthquake activity may unfold but not say with absolute certainty that they will occur or find expression exactly as we predicted, but if we are correct in our evaluation and assessment, then at a minimum, something earth moving should occur even if we have not nailed the outcome to an exact expression, which should be good enough for cautionary earthquake preparation measures and advisory bulletins to aid state earthquake readiness efforts.

In our opinion, earthquakes are stimulated, triggered, caused and influenced more by cosmic and extraterrestrial (outer space) events and phenomena than by purely terrestrial activities - '...look up for your redemption drawth nigh!' Luke 21:28.

It does not take much to set off an earthquake once all the essential materials and processes are in place, which for the most part are already in place throughout much of the Earth, perhaps nothing more than the clap of some magical hands.

This is the role that Mars and other initiatory processes play.

In this regard, we should ask two questions: 1) what caused the earthquake and 2) what set it off? If not set off within a certain time frame, the internal structure of the composite mix of actions could change over time to prevent a past potential earthquake from ever occurring again in the future. Is it then possible to calm, soothe or eliminate earthquakes? The answer is yes! But only through consciousness. Where there is a will, there is a way.

With respect to The Dunajewski Effect discussed at this link concerning, 'The Nature of Earthquakes' written by Michal and Jacek Dunajewski,
Ph.D. and copyright by Margarita Dunajewska of Poland, certain points and differences should be noted:

The modern scientific approach to earthquake prediction, which many modern scientists of the common era believe is impossible to do at any level of accuracy, usefulness or reliable confidence, gathers and assesses data of past earthquake
related phenomena that are essentially dead and useless information, meaning not alive carrying the critical earthquake-gentic-code pre-earthquake information and hence not-repeatable since the key process to what caused the earthquake in the first place is gone, dead, buried or has been evaporated recorded in the burnt out chars of the last earthquake, never to be recovered by modern scientists again .

It is the view of this author that consciousness plays a role, in fact the leading role in unraveling the mystery of earthquake phenomena and is crucial in going from observation to accurate earthquake prediction that can be made within a very short time frame at comfortable and at times very high level of expected confidence or coorelation.

I believe that much of the earthquake prediction work on this website
(CelestialAffairs.com) bears out this point.

The internal structure of the earth scientifically described in The Dunajewski Effect portrays an earth that is alive (an unscientific idea that does not recognize that the earth exist as a force of consciousness or nature that communicates and is aware of other planets, forces, stars, galaxies and interstellar systems - the earth is not alone), where magma and combustible materials flow deep within the belly of the earth in unceasing thermal convection motion which opens this point of view to investigation by consciousness based arts and sciences.

However, with respect to earthquake prediction, there are sharp differences between consciousness-based arts and sciences as compared with the philosophy, theory and application of what is commonly referred to as modern science as follows:

As stated by some who believe in planetary wave theory, the author questions whether there is any physical or metaphysical “wave” coming from the stars or planets, but upon observing their apparent influence through astrology for life on earth, one may or may not interpret their influence as such. 

While many have postulated planetary waves or “energies” for lack of a better term, adequate support or arguments do not exist to support this point of view in either the scientific or astrological literature or communities. It is a cop-out in my opinion and the reason why so many scientific mathematical models that use this approach fail to predict or adequately explain earthquake phenomena, even in astrology.  There is a more dynamic, simpler unfolding phenomena taking place in my opinion.  The idea that the planets send waves or energies to the earth should only be made where there is physical substantiation of the theory, which for other than gamma rays, solar rays, sun spots and other electro-magnetic mediums and phenomena, do not always play out well in mathematically oriented earthquake prediction models and forecasts.  Even if such unseen “planetary waves” could be proven, they would, for all intensive purposes, have to be instantaneous, how else can you explain the instantaneous effect of the many stars in the constellation, Jupiter, Mars, the Moon, etc. that are hundreds, thousands, even millions of light years away to have an instantaneous effect on planet earth.  The answer is consciousness. 

At the risk of plagiarism in a world of public and open communication shielded under the cloak of legal and personal privacy, we no longer have privacy anymore, a concept of the past, or private communications thanks to the development and implementation of the internet and powerful super-computers that have massive amounts of memory that keep track of every human being living on the planet earth in one form or the other,
Hitler's dream realized in the modern era with a smiling face expressed through the subsequent acquisition, development, implementation and use of Hitler's, at that time, Secret, Superior, Superman SS Technology, the best argument that was ever made in favor of Planetary Wave Theory goes all the way back to 7th Century AD Arabian teachers of world sciences, mathematics, astronomy and astrology, who at the time stated that it was the essence of the stars and the planets to have this effect on planet earth, and that seems to be as good an explanation as we can find anywhere in the world today in the fields of astrology or modern science that can explain why planets and stars have the effect that they do on planet earth today!

The postulation that large planets are responsible for large earthquakes over 4.0 magnitudes and that the smaller inner planets such as Venus, Mercury or satellites such as the Moon are responsible for smaller earthquakes less than 4.0 magnitude is not supported by recent observations and earthquake predictions made on this web site
. Planets do have an effect on earthquakes, but the size and magnitudes are determined by other factors having to do with the geological composition of the area or region being activated-stimulated by planetary forces or influences, for lack of a better term, as well as other factors many of which are unknown. 

For example, we know that the Moon joins with the Sun that is at least 400 times larger in solar and lunar eclipses to produce some of the largest and most exciting and dynamic earthquakes ever seen on planet earth, particularly along the path of the eclipse as dramatically shown in the case of PERU 8.0 magnitude Earthquake on August 15, 2007 and as shown above at Path of Eclipse, Ascendant, MidHeaven, Nadir and Descendant of the 2007 Solar Eclipse in Virgo that
occurred on September 11, 2007.

With respect to achieving precision in earthquake predictions using consciousness-based arts and sciences, Benson Bobrick, author of the “Fated Sky” says in his book (p. 128), “it is both gratifying and appalling to imagine that the apparent chaos of life is governed by an exact and intricate design.”

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